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Solar Powered Bobble Head Blue Maiko

Product Number - 753334B
Bin Number - NEW

A maiko is an apprentice geisha, tasked with studying the art of the geisha for years before assuming that role. This blue Solar Powered Bobble Head Maiko needs only a source of light in order to perform her charming dance, a simple yet hypnotic tilting of her head from left to right. Set upon your dashboard, she bestows upon your car the lilting atmosphere of a Japanese tea house.

Note: You'll receive either a standing or sitting Maiko.

Price: $9.95 

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Solar Powered Bobble Head Blue Maiko

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Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Tuesday Jul 23 2013 06:10
by Cindy
This reminds me of my mom!! My mom came from Japan and was a very beautiful mother. Who I dearly miss.

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