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Cafe Ong Tho Dark French Roast 12 oz

Product Number - 13320
Bin Number - 2246

A Fine Vietnamese Ground Coffee. This dark French roast style ground coffee is a blend of the finest quality coffee beans. Their rich flavor and distinctive aroma have been particularly formulated for single cup drip coffee similar to that of Ban Me Thuot coffee.

Price: $6.69 

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Refrigerate and keep tightly capped after opening to preserve flavor and aroma. For the ideal coffee companion, serve with LONGEVITY brand sweetened condensed milk.

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Product Recipe

Hot Serving Preparation:

  1. Add 2-1/2 tsp of ground coffee into the coffee filter.
  2. Mount the strainer by tightening the screw moderately, and fill up 1/3 of the filter with boiling water and wait until the coffee absorbs the water.
  3. Fill up the filter with hot water again.
  4. If the coffee is not dripping out of the filter, loosen the screw slightly until it drips.
  5. When the coffee stops dripping, add 3 tsp of LONGEVITY sweetened condensed milk for better taste.

Cold Serving Preparation:

  1. Using the the hot serving method, prepare coffee and pour coffee and milk into a cup over ice.
  2. Stir a few times and serve.

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