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Citric Acid for Cleaning Liner

Product Number - 24917
Bin Number - 6133

Ever wonder how to get your appliances clean without all the painful work, and ruff scratches from scrubing? Citric Acid is an effective way to maintain your appliances appearance. Use the cleaner to rub away burn marks on the inside of cookers, or lime build up on water heaters. Make clean up easier with Citric Acid.

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Citric Acid is concentrated powder used to remove rust & calcium deposits. It is recommended to use Citric Acid solution every four-five months depending on how heavy the mineral deposit is in the liner and pump.


  1. Fill cold water into the water heater  to the maximum capacity mark. (Make sure that the water is fills at least half of the container).
  2. Add entire contents of Citric Acid powder into the water heater and mix briefly (Use one pack only).
  3. Bring water to boil in the heater, then turn it to 'KEEP WARM' mode at 208 degrees F. Let sit for at least five hours. For best results it is recommended to leave at KEEP WARM overnight for 8-10 hours. (It may be necessary to repeat the process, however, it should not take more than twice. If strong odor remains in the water heater (usually when used with strong teas), repeat the process three to five times.
  4. Drain water by half way using the dispense button or by pumping out (this allows Citric Acid to go through the pump), then drain completely by taking off the lid. Rinse out container then wipe off any residue by using soft sponge/cloth/paper towel. (Use necessary caution when disposing of hot water)
  5. Fill with water to full capacity again and bring to boil. KEEP WARM for one hour. Dispense water completely. Then rinse the container with cold water thoroughly.

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