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Doraemon in Orange Costume Plushie 6"

Product Number - 753251B
Bin Number - NEW

Doraemon has endured as a popular character since his introduction in 1969, gaining status as a Japanese cultural icon. A feline robot sent from the future, Doraemon has access to many advanced gadgets from his fourth-dimensional pocket. The popular blue cat now takes the form of a soft 6" plushie dressed in a orange costume. He is shown licking his lips, probably excited at the thought of dorayaki, a red bean pancake and Doraemon's favorite food. He has the added bonus ability to record a personal 12-second message. Simply press and hold his right hand until the red light shines, and speak. Press his left hand to replay your message. Use this cute plushie to send a sweet message to friends and family.

Price: $9.95