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Glico Sweet Milk Pocky 10 Pack

Product Number - KIT0021
Bin Number - Bundle

Glico Milk Pocky sticks are biscuit-like cookies dipped in creamy, sweet milk frosting. They make a sweet everyday treat or a tasty dessert. It's impossible to eat just one Pocky stick, so stock up now and be ready when the next Pocky craving hits. And with this tenpack, you'll get 10 times the goodness! Want to keep shopping? View our many flavors of Pocky and learn what makes those Pocky sticks so delicious.

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HEAT SENSITIVE! Pocky toppings were developed to melt in a persons mouth, around 98 degrees. If it should melt before you get the chance to enjoy it, just place the Pocky in average room temperature and they will cool but stick together. Melting does not affect the edibility of the product.

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