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Chopsticks - Round Gold Tip

Product Number - 4132
Bin Number - A190

These extra long chopsticks are made of plastic, but designed to look like beautiful ivory. The very top of the chopstick is made to look like gold, which offers the chopsticks a lovely aesthetic appeal.

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Price: $2.45 

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Size Pattern Texture
10 in. Round Gold Tip Tan Plastic

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Wednesday Jun 08 2011 10:47
by John
These chopsticks are long and have some weight due to the gold tips. These are perfect for those who like a heavier chopstick or for a man. The eating part of the chopsticks is thicker and more rounded like the Cinese chopsticks. These are really nice looking like ivory or bone and would be very suitable for fine dining and an impressive gift.

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