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Green Tea Toothpaste

Product Number - 5622287
Bin Number - 7260

You knew green tea is a soothing drink and a great flavor in sweets, but did you also know green tea can be beneficial for your dental health? That is because green tea contains catechin, a flavonoid that have been shown to slow down the activity of bacteria linked to tooth decay. This whitening toothpaste from Novopin contains green tea extract to bring the positive cleansing power of catechin right to your mouth, helping you to remove plaque and control tartar and bad breath. Now that’s something to drink to (green tea preferably).

Price: $6.95 

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Serving Size: pea size
Net wt. 4.7 oz (140 g)

glycerin, sorbitol, silica SIO2 No.1, silica SIO2 No.2, water, black tea flavor, sodium lauryl sulfate, carrageenan, menthol oil, menthol, saccharin, calcium carbonate, green tea powder, Green No.3, Yellow No.4.

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Wednesday Jan 22 2014 18:54
by Tiffany
I really like this toothpaste! I read about a study done in Japan where they had children gargle with green tea after brushing for some period of time, and they found that the children had less cavities after doing this, so I figured I'd try this toothpaste because my teeth tend to be very bad even though I brush 3x a day! The toothpaste tastes good, not too minty - it has black tea flavoring. I find this kind of funny because it's green tea toothpaste but it doesn't really matter. It cleans well. It brightened up my teeth and took away some of the stains (I drink a lot of coffee and wine). Today I had my yearly dentist checkup/cleaning and for the first time since I was age 3 (I am now 30) I have NO CAVITIES! I will continue using this toothpaste!

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