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Hario Bonmac Coffee Siphon

Product Number - 86351
Bin Number - TCA-3

Physics, chemistry and art have combined to form the most elegant coffee maker we offer. This is the mark of a true coffee fanatic, as its product is a wonderfully pure, deliciously potent brew that is richer, smoother, cleaner and more crisp than that of the conventional coffee maker. Heat is applied to the lower bulb, which will be full of water, and the coffee grounds will be in the upper container. The heated water rises, infuses with the coffee, and sinks back down to the lower bulb, to give you one cup of the most delicious coffee your kitchen will ever produce!

Price: $125.00 

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Check out these great videos that show and explain how the UCC Coffee Siphon works. It's a unique type of coffee brewer, and we hope you all enjoy the videos!



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Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Thursday Dec 06 2012 10:57
by Yeva
I have not received the product yet, so what am I required to review?

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