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Jacobs Coffee Ground Sampler

Product Number - KIT0035
Bin Number - Bundle

This fantastic Bundle Kit includes the four ground coffees that Asian Food Grocer currently offers. The prices have been reduced in the bundle, so that people can treat it as a sampler and try new flavors they haven’t tried before. There are 4 styles of coffee here, with varying levels of caffeine and flavors. The Mild, the Balance, the decaffeinated, and the traditional caffeinated coffee. Ordering this bundle allows you to accommodate any guest’s coffee taste, whether they’re looking for a light cup of coffee to end the evening, or a strong, delicious cup to start the day.For more information you can check out our Coffee Descriptions Page, as well as our Coffee Blog.

Price: $23.88 

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This Package Includes:

Jacobs Coffee    Jacobs Coffee    Jacobs Coffee    Jacobs Coffee

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