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Jacobs Kronung Ground German Coffee 17.64 oz

Product Number - 23162
Bin Number - 2253

A true coffee drinker’s delight, there is a reason why Jacobs Kronung Ground German Coffee is the best selling coffee in Germany. It has a smooth texture and wonderfully rich aroma. Medium roasted, with low acidity and bold flavor, this Premium European Coffee will be the perfect start to your morning.

Read more about this German coffee and find out why its one of Asian Food Grocer's top selling products.

Price: $7.98 

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Brew Jacobs coffee thick and dark to release its smooth rich flavor. The darker you brew Kronung, the fuller the flavor.

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Tuesday Jul 03 2012 05:30
by Charles
Excellent coffee. You should keep it in stock.

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Monday Jan 30 2012 10:49
by KIM
The BEST coffee I have ever had. No bitter aftertaste. The low acidity doesn't bother my stomach. The only coffee I have ever tried that I can drink without adding sugar and cream. I look forward to making a pot of this coffee every morning (sometimes afternoons and evenings). Definately a coffee lovers delight!

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Sunday Dec 04 2011 08:09
by Angeline
My sister got me hooked on this coffee. It is excellent!!! Wish I could find a store in the Nashville, Tn. area that carries it. So happy I found this site !

Rating: 4 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Aug 13 2011 05:57
by Dawid

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Thursday Mar 24 2011 23:40
by David
I'm an avid coffee drinker, and this stuff is just so amazing. I'm no coffee connoisseur, but I can tell a big difference in taste when compared to other brands like Folgers, Maxwell House, Dunking Doughnuts and Starbucks. This is above them all.

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Feb 26 2011 22:22
by John
Not until I had Kronung in Germany - freshly ground from beans - made with the original Melitta drip filter - before the electric makers existed - back in 1969 - I finally found a coffee I could enjoy - make with a little real sugar and some real cream. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. And it's STILL CHEAPER than soda pop!!!

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Sunday Oct 03 2010 08:20
by Antoinette
This coffee is so good that after you've had it, the memory of it never leaves you. I've had Starbucks, and as far as I'm concerned, this is better. So much better. I fell in love with it in Stuttgart years ago.

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