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Jacobs Kronung Ground German Coffee Mild 17.64 oz

Product Number - 23166
Bin Number - 2255

This Jacobs Kronung Ground German Coffee offers an extra smooth and rich flavor, and doesn’t give off a burnt taste like many other coffees will. It is a medium roast with very low acid content, so for those who get acid reflux after drinking coffee, then this delicious coffee will be perfect. Brew some up and get ready for the fantastic aroma and great full flavor of this wonderfully mild German coffee.

Price: $7.98 

Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Monday Feb 14 2011 15:03
by Linda
It's too bad they don't allow you to rate this product higher than good, because it is way beyond EXCELLENT! This is the best coffee I have ever tasted, and the price is absolutely reasonable, compared to other "designer" coffees that charge a lot for themselves and then don't deliver on flavor unless you gunk it up with flavor-ed syrup, sugar, "frap-crap" etc. etc. choco-etc. You all know who I mean. We have a latte maker, and it makes fantastic latte's and capaccino's. It has a smooth, robust coffee flavor, and you can make it fairly stong, but it is NEVER bitter, even when it sits in the pot a while. And the DECAF is the best I've ever tasted. At first you have to ask yourself if you're drinking the real stuff or unleaded. No wonder the Europeans scoff at what passes for coffee in the USA. If you're a coffee lover and you're looking for one that really tastes like coffee smells when you're making it in the pot, look no further! And for all you "whole bean" lovers, they've got that too. My husband and I don't even bother with anything else now that we've found Jacobs. You HAVE to try it. I've gotten my co-workers hooked on it too--no more "swill" at work anymore--yippee!! Trust me, you're gonna love it!!

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