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Japanese Bath Towel

Product Number - 62033
Bin Number - 7103

Are you looking for softer, cleaner, smoother skin? Well that’s what the medium strength Body Towel was built for. Intended for use while bathing, rub soap onto the towel, and massage it against your skin. The towel will exfoliate, clean your pores, and leave you with softer, more attractive skin.

Price: $1.75 

More Product Information

The towel should be kept away from heat sources, should not be put in a washing machine or dryer, and should be wrung out and hung after using. Babies, and people with skin condition should not use the bath towel as it may irritate them

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 3 
		of 5 Stars! Wednesday Dec 18 2013 15:20
by Nina
This is actually quite delicate compared to Salux brand, which is nylon, so very rough. But it's nice for bath.

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