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Japanese Oil Spreader Brush

Product Number - 5573306
Bin Number - 6122

This adjustable brush makes spreading just the right amount of oil onto cooking pans and surfaces effortless--without dirtying hands! Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the bottom of the container and press the brush against the spring-loaded bottom to dispense the perfect amount every time. This handy device includes a lid for easy storage.

Price: $1.95 

Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Aug 10 2013 00:58
by Elizabeth
This is really neat! It's a real artery saver! I'm just horrible at gaging amounts of anything really, so this helps me keep the oil usage to a minimum. It's also great for greasing up bakeware. Aside from that, it is what it is. A little brush with a springy cup.

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