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Just Cook Green Pot 26 cm

Product Number - 750573
Bin Number - NEW

This extremely versatile fry-pan comes with a plastic safety handle as well as an interior coated with Teflon to ensure easier cleaning and cooking. There is an accompanying lid so that you can, not only fry your food, but steam the contents as well. The pot comes in a swanky green color, and is sure to add a little style to your meals!

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Size - Inches Material Teflon
10.25" Stainless Steel Yes
Price: $16.50 

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The bottom surface is constructed with pounded stainless steel, and can be used with the following stove top applications:

  • Gas
  • Induction Heat 200v and 100v
  • Electric Coil
  • Halogen Heating
  • Ceramic
  • Glass Stove Top

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Aug 10 2013 00:50
by Elizabeth
This is nice. I'm new to buying my own cookware so I'm not very knowledgeable, but I like this pan. I was a bit worried when I first got it because the bottom of the pan was not what I expected. It definitely has texture on there. I was worried it'd scratch my glass cooktop. I got it since it did say it was induction safe, so I gave it a go and not a scratch yet. It's cooking pretty evenly for me and so far so good. To be honest my main reason for buying this was it's color, so I'm happy it's working out.

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