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Miso Soup Bundle

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AsianFoodGrocer.com has all the ingredients to complement any great asian dish. So how about some delicious Miso soup to start your meal? This bundle includes everything you'll need. Maruman Organic White Miso, WP Dashi Kombu Dried Kelp, Silken Firm Tofu, Orchids Shiitake Mushrooms Sliced, Dried Tuna Flakes, and Wakame Dried Shredded Seaweed. Check out this recipe on how to prepare miso soup.

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This Package Includes:

1  2  3  4  5  Dried Seaweed

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 3 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Dec 18 2010 11:06
by Koen
I ordered the above Miso Soup bundle and all came timely and well EXCEPT for the firm tofu. In its place is a package of Oden Soup mix. I have no use for this, and am going to contact customer service to determine why no firm tofu was sent in the bundle.

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