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Origami Wreaths and Rings

Product Number - 0-962725412
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This highly motivated craft lends itself to the teaching of form and symmetry as well as mathematics. There are many wonderful forms of origami models which have been created by paperfolders from around the world, many intricate animals and decorative flowers to delightful boxes and complex modular geometrics. Modular origami or unit folding makes use of multiple units of origami paper which fit together like a puzzle. This book by David Petty, from England, contains models suitable for beginning folders who are motivated to follow his clear instructions and discover the pleasures of modular folding.

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Origami Wreaths and Rings contains 123 pages filled with detailed step by step instructions on how to make various Celtic brooches and Garlands, Crane Wreaths, and Modular Constructions.

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Here are a few samples of what Origami Wreaths and Rings has to offer. This robust book walks you through simple easy to follow origami projects, then leads you into intricate garlands. Once you have mastered the fundamentals, there are several advanced modular origami patterns to try. Hours of fun for the whole family.

Celtic Brooch Crane Wreath Modular Folding
Origami Wreaths and Rings and Celtic Brooch Origami Wreaths and Rings and Crane Wreath Origami Wreaths and Rings and Modular Folding

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