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Tetsubin Iron Teapot - Black Dragonfly

Product Number - 12608
Bin Number - 7150

This Tetsubin has a unique shape and an incredible stylized beauty. Each Tetsubin teapot is hand made, which not only assures an unmatched style and grace, but a high quality build that will last for generations. The teapot is made of iron, which has long been considered the BEST way to make tea. The metal reacts with the tea leaves in a way that no other metal can, and it offers a full and exceptional taste that is unparalleled. To add to the esteemed history and culture behind the Tetsubin teapots, each design has its own significance, and the Dragonfly design symbolizes good fortune, love, new beginnings, and infinity.

Learn about Proper Tetsubin care, and how to make a great cup of tea!

Price: $69.95 

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Dimensions Capacity Origin Color
6-1/2dia • 4-3/4H 40 oz Iwachu, Japan Black

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