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Tetsubin Large Iron Teapot - Black with Gold Fish

Product Number - 12606
Bin Number - 7149

The largest, and arguable the most elegant of Tetsubin’s lineup, this iron teapot offers a superior beauty and grace. Each Tetsubin is hand crafted to grant the highest quality construction, and the most detailed artistry possibly. Along with the great looks and extremely long lastability, an iron body sets this teapot apart from others. Iron has long been considered the BEST way to brew tea. Iron reacts with the teal leaves while they are brewing in a unique way, and it offers a full and satisfying flavor that is absolutely unmatched. This Tetsubin Iron Teapot is ideal for large families or dinner parties, and makes for an exceptional center piece when not being used to make tea. The koi fish symbolizes wealth, loyalty, and prosperity.

Learn about Proper Tetsubin care, and how to make a great cup of tea!

Price: $155.00 

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Dimensions Capacity Origin Color
6-1/8dia • 3-1/4H 20 oz Iwachu, Japan Black

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