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Tetsubin Iron Teapot - Purple with Gold Fish

Product Number - 12539
Bin Number - 7152

The Tetsubin Iron Pot is a cast iron tea pot with a fine, hand made quality and an exquisitely detailed beauty. Because each pot is hand made it assures the highest quality artistry, and the highest quality tea. If taken care of properly, this tea pot will last for generations. But this tea pot offers more than just incredible art and lastability. Iron has long been considered the BEST way to brew tea. The rich and full flavor it offers is unmatched, and really is the only way to truly experience what a good cup of tea is supposed to taste like. To add to the phenomenal craftsmanship and tradition, the artwork of each Tetsubin has its own significance. The golden koi symbolizes wealth, loyalty, and prosperity.

Learn about Proper Tetsubin care, and how to make a great cup of tea!

Price: $69.95 

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Dimensions Capacity Origin Color
5-1/2dia • 4-1/8H 20 oz Iwachu, Japan Purple

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