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The Manga Cookbook

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You may have seen anime or read manga and wondered, what exactly are these characters eating? Characters gorge on okonomiyaki, onigiri, and more, and this groundbreaking cookbook walks you through step-by-step how to recreate 27 such Japanese staples via comic panels. Featuring original manga artwork by Chihiro Hattori, this cookbook will be a hit with manga fans and foodies alike. 144 pages in all.

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday May 24 2014 13:33
by Nadine
I actually didn't purchase this book from here, but I absolutely love it and felt that it needed to have a review. while the jokes are a bit corny sometimes, its a really charming cookbook with recipes for beginners to slightly more skilled cooks. It gives simple recipes for favorites such as onigiri, tamagoyaki, sushi, udon and soba, bento box lunch ideas, and desserts involving red bean paste, and plenty more.

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