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Green Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Product Number - 753374B
Bin Number - A684

Toilet paper: can't live without it. Give this bathroom essential a cute makeover with this green toilet paper roll holder. You put the roll in this sling and pull the tissue out from the mouth. The button eyes give this roll holder, and your bathroom, a much-needed whimsical touch. Use also to store an extra roll.

Price: $1.50 

Customer Reviews

Rating: 4 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Aug 10 2013 00:43
by Elizabeth
When I read the bit that said you can use it to hold an extra roll, I thought this would hold two rolls. It definitely does not. It is a bit on the small size. A new roll of those "lush" toilet paper rolls won't fit. I think a standard roll of TP should fit though. It's still cute though. I use it in a daycare and all the kids think it's awesome.

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