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USB Computer Vacuum Green

Product Number - 753385A
Bin Number - NEW

Let's face it: we all eat in front of our computers because we spend so much time there. Time to come clean, an easy task with the help of this green USB mini computer vacuum. It plugs straight into your laptop or computer, power outlet not necessary. The bendable tube opening and brush attachment allows you to get between the keyboard and suck out various dust and particles. You can also clear out dust from your computer's air vents, which helps to prevent overheating. This is a great USB accessory to have in your office or at home.

Price: $4.95 

Customer Reviews

Rating: 1 
		of 5 Stars! Wednesday Jul 10 2013 16:11
by Anaid
As soon as I got it I was excited that it was going to work. But I followed the directions and it didn't work, it came broken, the head of it doesn't stay on. I'm not pleased with this at all.

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