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Wang Wu Quan Heavy Chopping Knife

Product Number - 613389
Bin Number - 6039

This heavy chopping knife is designed with an ergonomic handle and dense chopping blade to make large, broad cuts into food. But it also has a rounded blade, which allows it to be rolled across food in order to mince it. It’s a uniquely handy knife that will find a need in most kitchens.

Weight grams
Length mm
Length mm
Steel 108 173 305
Price: $25.98 

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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Friday Oct 14 2011 11:43
by Brian
I ordered this for my Mom. It's not a vegetable knife. It's a heavy meat cleaver and does a wonderful job hacking through chickens, whole fish and large pieces of meat. Heavy duty, comfortable in your hand and great looking. I only wish they made a matching thin veggie cleaver to put next to it. I'd order three or four as gifts.

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