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White Dragon Tea Set

Product Number - 70198
Bin Number - 8109

This tea set is beset on both sides with twin white dragons against a tumultuous oceanic background. It is a beautiful representation of the fury of nature and life, and is meant to make one appreciate the brief moments of peace and tranquility they have. The tea pot includes its own infuser to allow for loose leaf tea, and there are six small tea cups, which will let family, friends, or house guests relax and share a delicious cup of tea.

Price: $19.95 

Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Thursday Oct 18 2012 12:01
by Laura
I bought these for my 17 yr. old son. He loves them. They have a high quality look, and feel. The box they come in is nice,and I like that it holds each piece separate from the other to avoid nicks & scratches. The insert in the teapot is great, ready to add tea grounds without buying the insert is a plus! Our only wish is to have the rest of the dishes in this pattern. A Sake Set in this pattern would be nice also. We have been looking online and most are blue dragons on the white background. The white dragon on the blue background is more pronounced & dramatic looking. A manly looking set of dishes for a young guy who loves all things Asian. Couldn't be happier with these!

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