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California Rolls

5  cups Kagayaki Select Premium Short Grain Rice  
1  cup Orchids Sushi Rice Vinegar  
4  tbsp Sugar  
2  tsp Salt  
1  sheet WP Dashi Kombu Dried Kelp (2x2 inch)  
2-3   Avocado  
8  tsp Flower Crab Meat  
1-2   Japanese Cucumber  
5  sheet Edomae Roasted Sushi Nori (seaweed)  
5  oz JFC White Sesame Seed (roasted)  
1   Plastic Wrap  
1   Makisu Thick Sushi Matt  
California Rolls

Prepare Steamed Rice:
1. Used the mesh strainer. Place the rice in strainer and rinse it with cold water (some types of rice do not require any rinsing. Please follow the instruction on the package of rice.)
Place rice in a rice cooker and add the 6 rice - cups of water. Turn on rice cooker.

Prepare Sushi Vinegar:
1. In the small saucepan over medium heat, combine the rice vinegar, the sugar, and the konbu.
2. Heat the Sushi Vinegar mixture until the sugar and salt dissolves (do not boil).
3. Remove from heat and let the sushi vinegar cool.

Prepare Sushi Rice:
1. If you use the hangiri and the wooden paddle or spatula for mixing, damp the paddle or spatual with the tezu*Keeps the rice from sticking.
2. When the rice is done cooking, transfer it to the hangiri or a large. Pour the sushi vinegar evenly over the "hot" rice. (cold rice and sushi vinegar cannot be mixed well.)
4.  Loosen the rice grains gently with the paddle or spatula by cut-scoop motions (do not stir, as this will crush the rice grains)
5. Cover the rice with a damp closth for keeping moisture and let it rest for 20 minutes. During that time, turn over the rice at every 7-8 minutes.
5 Rolls

East meets west coast in this California inspired sushi roll. Each beautifully crafted roll is stuffed full with fresh avocado, crab meat, and crunchy slivers of cucumber. It's one of the most popular rolls in any Japanese restaurant, and for good reason- it's delicious!
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