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Ginger Chicken Drumstick

12   Chicken Drumsticks  
1  tbsp Ginger (minced)  
4  tbsp Soy Sauce  
2  tbsp Sake  
    Potato Starch (for coating)  
    Vegetable Oil (for frying)  
Ginger Chicken Drumstick
1. Pierce chicken. Mix soy sauce, sake and ginger in a plastic bag.
2. Then marinate chicken for 1hr in refrigerator. 
3. Lightly pat chicken with paper towel, then coat with potato starch.
4. Heat oil in a deep skillet to about 340 degrees F.
5. Fry drumstick until golden brown, about 8 to 10 minutes.
3-4 Servings

These drumsticks are deep fried in unique ingredients such as ginger, sake, and soy sauce. The result of using these ingredients is a delicious, crunchy meal that is sure to satisfy.
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