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Ginger Vitis

1.5  oz Rum  
.75  oz Luxardo Maraschino Cherry Liqueur  
1/2  tsp Apple Drinking Vinegar (or add more to taste)  
1  tsp Lemon Shaved Ice Syrup  
5  oz Hata Ramune Soda Pineapple  
1/2  tsp Ginger (minced)  
1  tsp Sugar  
3   Lime Wedges (cut)  
Ginger Vitis
1. Combine Hata Ramune Soda Pineapple, minced ginger, and sugar in a martini shaker or in a glass cup. Mix until it becomes a thick paste.
2. Add the rest of the ingredients and fill the shaker or glass with ice.
3. Shake or stir briefly, then add lime wedges and serve .
1 Serving

It's sweet, bubbly, tart, strong, and then sweet again at the end. Try this drink if you're tired of the norm and are looking for something unique to spice up your night, or your dinner party. The unlikely ingredients complement each other well, forming a medley of unbelievable flavors in a glass.
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