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Mackerel Fried in Oil

14  oz Mackeral Fillet  
1   Red Chili Pepper (dried)  
3.25  tbsp Soy Sauce  
 tsp Cornflour Oil  
1   Lemon  
Mackerel Fried in Oil
1. Wipe mackerel and pat dry. Slice into 1x1½ inches.
2. Seed and chop red pepper. Combine 3 tbsp sake with cornflour and chopped red pepper. Marinate the mackerel for 20 minutes.
3. Turn the fillets frequently to ensure they are well-coated.
4. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the mackerel until it is golden-brown. Before serving, drain the fillets thoroughly.
4 Servings

This recipe calls for mackerel to be fried to a golden brown finish. The fish is marinated in a mixture of sake, red peppers, and soy sauce, and is then fried in a pan. The end result is a deliciously satisfying meal sure to make any hungry stomach happy.
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