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Onigiri Asian Recipe

4  cups Japanese Rice (steamed)  
    Strips of Dried Nori (seaweed)  
    Salt (to taste)  
    Black Sesame Seeds  

*For Fillings:
    Ume (pickled plum)   
    Grilled Salted Salmon (small chunks)   
    Kombu no Tsukudani  
Onigiri Asian Recipe
1. Cook steamed rice. Put about a half cup of steamed rice in a rice bowl. Wet your hands in water so that the rice won't stick.
2. Rub some salt on your hands. Place the steamed rice on your hand and put your favorite filling, such as kombu no tsukudani, umeboshi and grilled salmon on the rice.
3. Push the filling into the rice lightly. Hold the rice between your palms. Form the rice into a round triangle shape, or a cylinder by pressing lightly with both palms.
4. Roll the rice ball in your hands a few times, pressing lightly. Wrap the rice ball with a strip of nori or sprinkle some sesame seeds on them.
  For Vegetarians try this RECIPE
Chef: Becca (Park, IL)
Onigiri is a classic type of Japanese food, and one of the more popular forms of sushi for people who like to experiment or play with their food. Onigiri takes a ball of rice, wraps it in a savory nori strip, then fills the rice ball with delicious grilled salmon. There are other things added to offer extra flavor like little pieces of Japanese plum, or the very popular Kombu no Tsukudani.
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