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Spring Rolls

1  tbsp Coconut Milk  
8  oz Rice Stickers  
4  shts Rice Paper (12.25" diameter)  
4  oz Pork Loin  
8   Medium Shrimp  
4   Romaine Lettuce Leaves  
1  cup Bean Sprouts  
18   Fresh Mint Leaves  
8   Pieces Garlic Chives  
Spring Rolls
1. Cook pork in boiling water until done; drain and slice thinly
2. Cook shrimp in boiling water until done; drain and shell
3. Soak rice vermicelli in coconut milk and water until soft for 15 minutes and drain
4. Place soft rice paper in lukewarm water, one sheet at a time, and lay on a flat surface
5. Place vegetables and rice vermicelli on sheet near to you, then pork and shrimp, and lastly garlic chives
6. Roll up and serve with a peanut dipping sauce
4 Servings

You'll never go wrong with spring rolls! Add your favorite meat, seafood, or vegetables. It's fun, fast, and easy! The spring roll skins can get very sticky so be sure to wet your finger tips to keep it from clinging to your hands.
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Customer Reviews

Rating: 5 
		of 5 Stars! Saturday Jul 24 2010 16:00
Delicious. I did not see how much water to use with coconut milk so used about 1/4 cup. Also added strips of cucumber as per a Vietnamese friend. I like tofu and soak tofu strips in chicken broth to use in the spring rolls.

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