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Curry Shui Mai

2 1/2  lbs Turkey (ground)  
5  tbsp Corn Starch  
5  tbsp Water  
3  tbsp Sherry  
3  tbsp Soy Sauce  
1  tsp Salt  
1 1/2  tsp Sugar  
1 1/2  tsp Sesame Oil  
8  oz Whole Water Chestnuts (finely chopped)  
6   Scallions Chopped (including greens)  
2   Eggs  
4  tsp Curry Powder  
    Gyoza Wrappers  
Curry Shui Mai
1. Stir all ingredients very well.
2. Add curry powder, mix in very well
3. Fold into gyoza wrappers, about 1 tbsp in each. Leave the top open. Served a lot for new years, as they look like purses, to insure prosperity in the coming year.
4. We recommend Sun Luck brand gyoza wrappers as they are thinner than most.
5. Steam 7 minutes, or until meat is cooked through, but not too long, because it can lose flavor.
6 Servings
Shui Mai are one of the most popular dumplings. Each fantastic piece is packed with ground turkey, chunks of chestnut, and the secret ingredient.. Curry powder! Dip each piece in savory soy sauce.
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