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Japanese Sushi Caterpillar Roll

1  sheet  Ohmoriya Roasted Sushi Nori Bulk   
2  cups Kagayaki Select Premium Rice (cooked)  
    Unagi Kabayaki (eel)  
1   Avocado  
    Marukin Shira Dashi Flavor Enhancer  

  Orchids Rice Vinegar   

  (combine dashi,  rice vinegar &1/2 cup of water)  
    Huy Fong Sriracha Sauce   
    (use shriracha sauce for caterpillar legs)  
     Makisu Thisck Sushi Mat  
Japanese Sushi Caterpillar Roll
1. Cut cucumber into long strips then add salt, rinse & dry the strips. Cook the eel as directed on the package, then ut into two lengthwise strips.
2. Pit, peel, and halve the avocado. Cut avocado halves into thin even 1/8" slices, then fan out slices overlapping pattern.
3. Cover bamboo mat with plastic wrap, the place a sheet of nori shiny side down. Lightly moisten your hands in the bowl of vinegar water. 
4. Place 1 cup of rice on the nori and gently rake your fingertips across the grains to spread rice evenly. Don't mash or squash the rice onto nori. Rice should be loosely packed and evenly spread on the entire sheet. 
5. Flip rice-covered nori over and place on the edge of the mat closest to you. Arrange one of the eel strips across the length of the nori, place half the cucumber sticks next to the eel. 
6. Lift the edge of the mat closest to you with both hands, and roll the mat. Keep the contents until the edge of the mat touches straight down on the nori, enclosing the fillings completely. If the rice doesn't quite close the roll add more rice in the gap and re-roll using the mat to cover the inside-out roll. Place the roll on a damp, clean and smooth surface.
7. Spread about 1 tablespoon of the optional fish roe along the entire top of the rice-covered roll. Using the plastic covered mat gently press the fish roe so it adheres to the rice.
8. Slide a knife under one fan of avocado and transfer it onto the top of an inside-out roll. Gently spread out the avocado layer to cover the entire roll. Lay the plastic wrapped mat over the avocado-covered roll. Squeeze very gently to shape the roll.
9. Lay a sheet of plastic wrap over the roll. Slice the roll into 6-8 equal, bite-sized pieces, wiping your knife with a damp towel before each slice. Discard the plastic wrap. Repeat the above to make one more roll.
10. Arrange the cut pieces on a serving plate with the sauces so the finished dish appears as a caterpillar with many legs.
2-3 Servings

Be creative and make your very own Japanese Sushi Caterpillar Roll.
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