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Yuzu Poke Salad

 cups Ahi (yellow fin tuna, sashimi grade, diced)  
 2  tbsp
Yuzu Soy Sauce (ponsu sauce)  
Onion (minced)  
 1/4  cup
Green Onion or Minced Cilantro  
 2  tbsp
Sesame Oil  
1:Avocado goes very well on the side with Pnozu Sauce.  

2:Spicy Chili garlic sauce (recommended:"Sriracha" brand)  
Yuzu Poke Salad
1.  Add all ingredients, mix well then chill.
2-4 Servings

For a great salad idea, grab some ahi or any other sushi grade tuna and drizzle it with sweet and sour yuzu juice. Yuzu can be found at your local Asian market or here on
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