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7 Japanese Snacks that Taste Better Than They Sound

What's in a name? When it comes to food, everything. If snails were called snails on the menu, no one would dare eat the slimy slugs.  But the chic, French name "Escargot" makes all the difference. Presenting seven Japanese snacks that taste better than they sound.

1. Couque D'asses

couque d asses.jpg

Sanritsu Couque D'asses Choco Cookie is a delicious cookie mixed with smooth chocolate. But the term D'asses makes us want to "passes" this treat right up in the Asian grocery store. How about we rename it the choco cookie? Rolls right off the tongue.

2. Glico's Cream Collon

Sure, Glico's Cream Collon is not pronounced "cream colon," but the spelling is a little too familiar for our taste. Don't be misled: The collon is a sweat treat with a crispy shell, creamy filling, and an unfortunate name. One collon-oscopy please!

3. Dars Bitter Chocolate

1777927 dars bitter-choco-lg.jpg
Did Morinaga name it Dars Bitter Chocolate so it sounds like the Western candy Mars? (Or vice versa). We don't know who started this "bitter" chocolate trend, but we guarantee they aren't a marketer. Anytime we see a chocolate dubbed "bitter," it brings about a vision of a caustic old woman trying to get the neighborhood kids off the lawn. She's bitter, this tasty Japanese candy is not.  Our suggestion for an appetizing new moniker: Dars Dreamy Dark Chocolate.

4. Bourbon Every Burger


Bourbon, chocolate, burgers - we like them separate meals! The Bourbon Chocolate Every Burger sounds like something a mad scientist would create. And what exactly does "every" have to do with this chocolate burger? Those who think a meaty bourbon chocolate burger sounds tasty will be sorely disappointed. It's chocolate in the shape of a burger. But what a fun Japanese candy for after your next barbecue!

5. Kasugai Shrimp Peanuts

kasugai-shrimp peanuts.jpg

There's something fishy about the name Shrimp Peanuts. Most people don't realize that shrimp and peanuts go together like peas and carrots. Before you put this Japanese snack on the list of food you'll never try, break open a bag. Shrimp peanuts are even better than shrimp chips.

6. Love Ring


Because we're a classy bunch, we're not going to go into what's wrong with the name Love Ring. The joke is obvious. After you've had a good laugh, try this tasty pastry. Soft Japanese bread by any other name would smell as sweet.

7. Calpico/Calpis


It's called Calpico in the U.S. and Calpis in Japan. Say "Calpis," three times fast and guess why they switched the name in English speaking countries. Sure, the name might make you shutter, but Calpico makes the perfect summer drink. It has a light, somewhat milky acidic flavor often compared to yogurt.

Don't let these names fool you. All of these Japanese snacks are incredibly delicious! Shop Asian Food Grocer for all your favorite Asian fare.

3 thoughts on “7 Japanese Snacks that Taste Better Than They Sound”

  • Allyson

    For a second I thought you guys were going to leave Calpis/Calpico out. I've had a few laughs over Creme Collon, but I've finally decided to try them. You can't convince me about the shrimp peanuts.

  • You can't forget the Pocari Sweat. When I was living in Japan it made me smile each time I saw one:)
    The creme collon is a tasty treat

  • Eric

    I've tried the Everyburger, and like the guy in Pulp Fiction says, "This sure am one tasty burger!"

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