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GEO Color Contacts PhotosGeo Color Contact Lenses, also called Magic Lenses, Cosmetic lenses, and Circle Lenses, are quickly becoming an international phenomenon that more and more people are discovering every day. To those of you who have been out of the loop, Geo Lenses are just like any other contact lenses, except instead of altering or rectifying your vision, the object here is to give a stylish and fashion forward look to your eyes. They add dazzling color to your eyes and will make them look fuller and more unique. There is a wide selection allowing you to choose from the more natural, to the most bizarre. Just like you might accessorize your purse with your shoes, or your tie with your overcoat, now you can accessorize your eyes with anything else you wear, drive, or love to be around. Some of our designs can be seen here!

There is a wide assortment of Geo Color Contact Lenses available at, as we are the official distributer. But before we go into detail about all that these lenses can offer our customers, the point we'd like to get across first is that these are REAL contact lenses. They are considered medical devices, and just like any other contacts they are 38-42% water based, and have a set diameter and curvature designed to fit your eyes. Because these are real contact lenses we will not be able to provide a customer their lenses unless they are able to show us a prescription for contact lenses.

We don't do this because the lenses are meant to fix vision, or because they are in any way dangerous, but because we at AFG realize that your eyes are precious and irreplaceable, so we want to make sure that anyone who purchases contacts from us knows how to safely administer, remove, clean, and care for them. Your safety is very important to us, and we take this precaution very seriously. If you don't care for the contacts correctly, or if you don't understand the basic rules of wearing and using contacts, then irritation or damage to your eyes may occur, and we don't want that. So the prescription assures us that you know how to use contacts.

It's really easy to send us your prescription. The best and quickest way to do this is to purchase your contacts, and then afterward fax (650) 583-2676 or email a copy of your prescription to along with your order number. The other way is to include your prescription number, your name, doctor's name and telephone number in the comments section while checking out. This method may take longer, about 24-48 hours in total, but we figured we'd include a second option just because we like you so much. Once we get all that information, we'll contact your doctor, and THEN send your contacts out to you as soon as possible.

Now again, we're not requiring the prescription because there is any sort of medical benefit or danger to these contact lenses. These lenses are very popular in several different countries, worn by millions, and have received several awards worldwide. They're from Korea, and have been around since 2002. There's a few different companies making them right now, but the Geo lenses offer the best quality, and the best appearance, so those are the only ones we sell. You can check out Geo's website here, In addition, each container includes a sticker of verification on it. You scratch off the top layer of the sticker, just like a lottery ticket, and beneath you will see a code. Go to the website on the sticker (, type in the number you found under the scratcher, and the website will verify that these are the genuine article, and not some sort of knockoff. You can also go here, to see the patents and awards that have been given to the Geo Color Contact Lenses.

Geo offers you this opportunity to verify the authenticity of your lenses, because just like with any leading product that is soaring in popularity, there are always going to be knockoffs of poor quality. So you can buy from us with confidence, and know that we're doing everything we can to make our customers happy, and educated on how to properly use their Geo Color Contact Lenses. If you have any further questions on instructions you can go here, or you can just contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions.

What makes the Geo Lenses so special?

The Geo Color Contact Lenses are just like the normal contact lenses that a countless number of people wear every day, all over the world. The only difference is that these have dyes that are safe for your eyes placed upon the outside of the contacts. These dyes don't affect your vision at all, and the lens is designed so that the contacts are very breathable and allow for oxygen to easily get to your eye. There is an extremely wide array of colors that the dyes can achieve, from the bright and spectacular, to the deep and foreboding, to the natural and authentic. The technology isn't new, and it isn't original either, but the reason you should get excited about the Geo Contact lenses is that these lenses offer the best quality that is available for color contact lenses. They've been in business for years, and use a safe, proven method that has allowed them to take Asia, Europe, and even Hollywood by storm.

What Kinds of Lenses Are There?

2-Tone Magic Color Lens:
2-Tone Magic Color Lens
The 2-Tone Lenses offer you only two colors, set against black, and are designed for the color to circle your retina. This makes the contacts appear more natural, and is a good option for people just trying out the contacts, who might be a little more shy at first, or a little more reserved about how they stand out in public. Give it time, and you'll be considering our most outlandish contacts, but for any first time user, we know you'll love the subtle beauty and quiet allure of the 2-Tone Magic Color Lenses.

3-Tone Magic Color Lens:
3-Tone Magic Color Lens
3-Tone Magic Color Lenses are the upgraded version of the 2-Tone Color Lenses. They have interlacing colors over a black plain that will encircle your natural retina. This creates a seamless blend of the natural and the manufactured to give you an intense and forceful beauty, so that when people look at you they will feel a powerhouse of emotion. People who wear these will have a confidence about them that is contagious, and a sense of splendor that no one will be able to ignore.

Fresh Natural Oriental Lens:
Fresh Natural Color Lens
Fresh Natural Oriental Lenses aren't designed so much for color as they are for size. These lenses offer a natural, more subtle color to your retinas, but a size that is hard to ignore. The colors here tend to be darker, less extravagant, more similar to what might appear natural for a person of Asian descent. But the size will have the effect of making your eyes stand out and look more doe eyed and teary. They are inspired by the 'anime eyes' and will give your eyes a noticeable look.

Hurricane Lens:
Hurricane Lens
The Hurricane Lenses offer one of the most dazzling experiences that Geo Color Contact Lenses has to offer. What these lenses do is bring astonishing color to your eyes, and puts them in the form of a swirl. This creates a fantastic mixture of the grandiose and the understated, because the color is fantastic and attractive, while the swirl is subtle and will quietly draw people to the magnificent artwork in your eyes. It's a great way of bringing people close to you and stunning them with your beauty.

Olive Magic Color Lens:
Olive Magic Color Lens
The Olive Magic Color Lenses offer the size and color many of our customers have come to expect from Geo Color Contact Lenses, but they offer an extra little something by adding in a black line along the perimeter. This has the effect of giving the eye a halo appearance. The result is subtle and not overpowering, but it allows for better definition of the color and the retina, and a more glamorous appearance

Super Angel Eye Large Lens:
Super Angel Eye Large Lens
The most sought after colored lens on the market, Geo's Super Angel Eye gives you both fantastic color and alluring size. The lenses have a 14.8mm diameter and one of the largest dramatizations to your retina that Geo has to offer. The thick black line along the exterior will offer noticeable size and definition of both the manufactured color, and your natural color to make an extraordinary appearance anywhere you go. These are great Geo Lenses and offer the beauty the name was built upon.

Super Nudy Large Lens:
Super Nudy Large Lens
Almost as popular as the Angel Eye, these Super Nudy Lenses offer both extraordinary size and an appealing natural color, but also give a little extra glare to hint at watery eyes or tear drops. These offer an emotional edge and a tantalizing but dangerous innocence made popular by many of Japan's anime characters. Wear them anywhere you go and they'll get you the attention you deserve.

Tearful Circle Lens:
Tearful Circle LensThe Tearful Circle Lenses add a very modest amount of color to your eyes, and only a little extra size, but what they do best is give your peepers a subtle sparkle and shimmer meant to replicate an innocent, watery-eyed gaze. Inspired by the famous look of Japan's many anime characters, these contacts will give your eyes that powerful, tearful gaze that will undoubtedly draw people into them.

Twins Magic Color Lens:
Twins MagicColor LensThe Twins Magic Color Lenses have a fascinating color arrangement, with lines that jut into the peripheral of the contact. There is a slight line along the exterior to add definition and a little size to your eyes. The colors that graze the retina are brighter, which allows for the shades to blend into one another flawlessly. They will add texture and a brazen intensity to your eyes each time they're worn.

Nudy Colored 2-Tone Lens:
Nudy Colore 2-Tone LensSimilar to the original Nudy Lenses, the Nudy 2-Toned Lenses offer extra color and depth, while keeping the shimmer and losing the extra big size. These have smaller black rings around the perimeter of the eyes, which will not give that same large size increase. However, the additional color, and continued shimmering glare will add that extra little bit of allure and mystique to give your eyes the attention they truly deserve.

Angel Eye Two Tone Lens:
Angel Eye Two Tone LensThe Angel Eye 2-Tone Lenses offer the same size and definition that the original Angel Eyes do, except they have the added flair of additional color which will give extra depth and personality to your eyes. They mix nicely with your natural eye color, and offer one of the most unique and demanding statements your eyes can make.

Safety Instructions and Precautions for Your Contact Lenses:

It is very important to keep your lenses clean, and to follow the directions very closely to keep your and eyes healthy. It should also be noted that these are cosmetic lenses, and are not intended for use every single day or for extended periods of time. If worn occasionally, perhaps once a week or so, and cleaned well, the contacts may last up to a year. If worn every single day, for hours on end, they may only last one to two weeks. The average contact lens is designed to last for two weeks, and not be worn more than 8 hours a day. There is no exception for the contact lenses. The daily limit for the lenses is a recommended 4 to 6 hours, though 8 hours is definitely the absolute maximum time limit for anyone's eyes. Any further questions should be directed to your Eye Care Practitioner, and any general questions about contact lens care may be answered on our page here.

Why Buy these Lenses?

These contact lenses won't enhance your eye sight, and they won't give you laser eyes, or even x-ray vision. But what they do offer is a new and unique look for your eyes. These lenses are designed to add a little fun to your day by allowing you to show up to school, or a party with eyes that match the occasion. And with such a wide variety of lenses, you'll be able to match almost any event. Mix and match your lenses to go with outfits, to make lasting first impressions, to have a little extra fun on a first date, or just to stand out from the crowd. These lenses will help you achieve whatever image you've got going for you, and with Geo Color Contact Lenses you can be assured you're getting the best quality, the best designs, and the best available Color Contact Lenses money can buy!


  • Amy

    I think these prices are fantastic for these beautiful lenses, and I'd LOVE to buy some... but I'd like to see some official manufacturer guarantees and information about safety and potential problems, and/or comments from past and current customers.

  • Craig

    These look amazing, and I would love to buy some, but I don't use contact lenses, so i don't have a perscription. Is there a way to purches them even if I don't need contacts?

  • Kaysee

    I bought these Angel eyes and I luv them! I know that some peeps have trouble- but thats to be expected.

  • Asian Food Grocer

    Great questions! The manufacturer's site has this link regarding awards and nominations: You can also view reviews on individual product pages throughout our site.
    Unfortunately you will need a prescription. I would tell the eye doctor what your intentions are, even if you're not after prescription contacts. Then they can measure your eye and make sure our lenses will fit properly. Plus its a good way to make sure you do not have any optic issues while you're at it.
    Almost all customers are happy with these lenses. The quality is just as good as any other brand, and the effects are dazzling!

  • cindy

    ah yes they are so pretty but I never have liked the " get a docs approval" thing so I do what most everyone else does is get them from overseas.
    yes yes i understand about eye saftey and all that but i think thats the parents job.
    it's the kids who get most of these eye problems with the lenses because of inproper handling.

  • Jonah

    I would like to buy 3 contact lenses, how do i get the $2.95 off for each? Pls reply asap! Thanks

  • Asian Food Grocer

    Hey Jonah, If you want to purchase three separate types of lenses and still receive the discount, I would suggest calling in to place the order. Our customer service department will be happy to give you the price break you request :)

  • Aika

    I purchased 2 lenses a while back and they were really good. I was really satisfied and wanted to buy some more but now a doctors prescription is required? I understand wanting customer to take care of their eyes, its important, but I don't like this policy because I can't buy them anymore :(

  • While looking at my contact prescription i realize that it expired a few months ago. Would it be accepted? I think it should be enough proof that I know how to take care of my precious eyes, and that actually have (an expire of course on Dec.) lens prescription. I don't want to bother getting a new prescription since I have plenty of (normal) contact lenses on stock.
    But if there is an issue I guess I have to wait until I ran out of lenses. :(

  • lynda saechow

    what kind of solution are best for these kind of contacts?

  • Asian Food Grocer

    Your typical contact solution should be fine. Contact solution is designed to keep contacts moist and free of pathogens that might irritate your eyes. So any solution approved for normal contact lenses will be fine for these.

  • Kyle Mitchell

    I am always scared to get used contact lenses. I feel like a germaphob when I think about that. I know nothing is wrong with them.
    Thanks for the post.

  • How about the quality? :(

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