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Monthly Archives: October 2010

  • A Ginger Thanksgiving

    It's that time of the year again! Whether you love the food, the visiting family members, or just the football, Thanksgiving is always a time to get excited. And there's so much to be excited about! Continue Reading
  • Sharp Thinking - Asian Cooking Knives

    The knife is one of mankind's oldest and simplest tools. But as old as the concept is, it's still one of the most important items in your kitchen. And as cooking has advanced, many different knives have been developed, with many different purposes... Continue Reading
  • Japonesque: Beauty, Price and Quality Finally Meet

    Ladies, May we have your attention please?


    Thanksgiving side dishes



    As we ladies know the search for superior makeup and beauty products is long and difficult, and seems like it will go on forever. We at would like to help make that search just a little bit easier for you, because we now carry the Japonesque beauty line. This distinct line includes blotting paper (to remove any excess oil), touch up brush sets (that seem professional grade), href=> travel kits
    , and so much more.

    What is Japonesque?

    Japonesque is a high quality beauty and make up brand. It's a small, 26 year old company that has garnished a reputation among professional stylists and makeup artists for having the absolute best products. Under new ownership in recent years, the new Thanksgiving side dishesowners have added a new angle to the already high quality line- making beauty tools that work not only in the salon, but in the real world. href> Eye lash curlers
    that fit easily in the tiniest purses, Href>
    eye brow pencil sharpeners
    that sharpen more than one size pencil, Href>
    touch up brushes
    that don't just do excellent work, but have a sleek and professional feel about them- so you won't be embarrassed to fix your makeup in public.
    This is a company for the active woman, on the go, who demands quality from her beauty tools.

    Built to Move

    One of their products that we sell is the Href>
    travel eyelash curler
    . It's travel size, so it's small, and will fit in almost any purse- but just because it's designed to travel doesn't mean that it can't be relied upon for quality. Due to its size, it will be able to reach the base of your eyelashes without pinching the skin or eyelashes. Its small size and build quality enables it to curl the shorter lashes that other brands might have trouble with. We have the latest in lash options for the woman who is anything but ordinary. We also have the heated lash curlers that will curl even the straightest of lashes. So ladies, you wanted it and we are listening.

    Thanksgiving side dishes

    But Why Japonesque?

    These products are built in Europe and Asia, in various countries including Italy and Japan. While similar top quality products would have higher prices, Japonesque keeps its prices low. So you can get an excellent product line, with a price lower than competing products.

    So give it a shot. Take a break from your weary search for new makeup products and give our Japonesque line a try. Experience the latest styles and choices without sacrificing quality.



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