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A Ginger Thanksgiving

Asian Food Grocer ThanksgivingIt's that time of the year again! Whether you love the food, the visiting family members, or just the football, Thanksgiving is always a time to get excited. And there's so much to be excited about! This year Asian Food Grocer is offering you a Ginger Thanksgiving. Yes, that's right, ginger. You know the stuff that comes on the side of your dish when you eat out at Sushi restaurants. Well that's ginger, and there are a million great uses for it. And not only that, but it's good for you! Read our Gingerly Blog for more information about this root. This year we're going to show you how to apply this wonderful stuff to your entire meal. Everything from the appetizers, to the side dishes, to the main course, and of course, a little post meal beverage surprise ;) Each Friday we'll be updating this blog with new recipes and tips for our Ginger Thanksgiving, so you can enjoy a delicious Turkey Day with an Asian-Food-Grocer twist.

Yuzu Ginger Thanksgiving TurkeyThe Main Course
Turkey is the cornerstone of Thanksgiving dinners, so it's important that it be done right. Listen to this "Tender Yuzu and Honey Turkey with a hint of Ginger". If that doesn't perk up your taste buds interest I don't know what will. This turkey is prepared with a variety of Asian Food Grocer's favorites: Delicious Yuzu Juice, Original Ramune Soda, of course Ginger; everything to make a unique, tender, moist holiday favorite. This recipe prepares quickly, about 15 minutes, and cooks in 2.5 hours.

Ginger Chicken DrumstickNow, if you're one of those few people who prefer not to eat turkey on Thanksgiving (like myself), then we've got you covered. You can make Chicken Ginger Drumsticks with our simple recipe. The end result will be a golden brown drumstick with subtle combinations of the sweet, tangy, and naturally juicy flavor of the chicken. Our recipe will make 12, but you can double or triple the ingredients to have 24 or 36. These are sure to satisfy, and they taste so good you may just forget the appetizers. But don't limit yourself, serve both Ginger Turkey and delicious Ginger Drumsticks alongside each other, and really amaze your guests!

Now if ginger isn't your cup of tea, you can check out our recipe section for some other great dinner options, like our proven Teriyaki Turkey or our traditional Sesame Chicken.

Birds & Flowers Dish SetBut who wants to have an Asian themed Thanksgiving meal without proper dinnerware to put it on? Just in time for Turkey Day, we have two brand new dish sets in stock. Both the Peony Dishware, as well as the Birds and Flowers Dishware. The Peony dishware is an elegant dish set made of extremely durable melamine, so you can drop it all you want, it won't shatter. The Birds and Flowers dishware is a colorful and stylish set, also made of melamine. Of all the dish sets Asian Food Grocer sells, the Birds and Flowers set has the most vivid and unique coloring. Perfect for a lavish Thanksgiving dinner!

Lastly, for this week, if you're looking for some great deals this year, come see our Clearance Section. You'll find everything from snacks and desserts to ingredients, even soy sauce, crackers and coffee. Everything for a great meal on a budget.

Come check back each Friday to see our updated recipes. Next week we'll be going over your side dishes. So take notes!

Side Dishes

We went over the main course last week and this week it's time to go over the side dishes. Different sides complement various meals, and everyone's got their own favorite foods, so we'll give you a couple options.

Thanksgiving side dishesNow, for those of you following along with our Ginger Thanksgiving we have Asparagus Salad with Pickled Ginger. This is a fairly simple side dish that's not too difficult to make, but will impress with its good looks and its delicious taste. The other side dish we have with our Ginger Thanksgiving is our Sweet Potato Tempura, which we've paired with our Soy Ginger Dipping Sauce. Because who wants tempura without something to dip it in? The sauce is sweet but tart, Thanksgiving side dishes with hues of onion, soy sauce, and of course ginger. You'll find the Sweet Potato Tempura is a perfect blend of the traditional Thanksgiving and some exceptional Asian cooking. If you're looking for a way to make your feast a little more unique give this a try. It's sure to intrigue and satisfy.

But if you're in a pinch and you don't have the time to make these side dishes, we offer you the perfect solution. Sunbird Seasonings. These seasoning packets do the work for you by adding great flavor to basic dishes like plain rice or chicken. Thanksgiving side dishesThey're also extremely versatile, meaning you can complement your main course any way you see fit. We recommend the Sun Bird Fried Rice, Sun Bird Stir Fry, or the Sun Bird Chinese Chicken Salad. All three are easy to make, and won't distract too much from the main course because they're delicious but fairly simple, as a side dish should be.

Of course, if you do plan on making all your meals without the aid of seasonings, you will need some good cutlery to slice and dice all your meat, herbs and vegetables. Thanksgiving side dishesTake a look at our Chinese and Japanese Knives to find some great deals and get just what you need to cook up a storm this Thanksgiving. We recommend that people, at the very least, have a good Santoku, Pairing Knife, and Chef's Knife. You can consult our Knife Blog if you need help with that.

Next week we'll be going over what every Thanksgiving meal would be incomplete without. The Dessert!

Ginger Desserts

Thanksgiving Dessert
Everyone knows that dinner is just the thing between you and dessert, right? Of course it is! So let's get into it what you're really here for- the sweet stuff. For those of you who are following our Ginger Thanksgiving we have some really great desserts. Some of them are more traditional, and some of them you may have never heard of before, but it's all good stuff, and it'll be a perfect way to end any Turkey Day feast.

Pumpkin Pocky Cheesecake BarsHere's one that is going to be absolutely impossible to miss, and I plan on cooking it for my family this year: Pumpkin Pocky Cheesecake Bars!!! This recipe takes three of my most favorite things and puts them together; Pocky, Cheesecake, and Whip Cream. Crunchy-creamy and full of flavor; these bars are festive in color and ingredients, and are pretty easy to make. In my case, practice makes perfect, so make a couple batches for work or school too!

Thanksgiving Dessert Next up is the inevitable. What else could be dessert for a Ginger Thanksgiving, but a fresh baked tray of Gingerbread Men?! This treat isn't quite ancient, but gingerbread men do date back to 16th century England. So enjoy a dessert that predates Thanksgiving itself, with this super delicious and easy to make recipe.

Now if you're one of those people who opted not to follow along with our Ginger Thanksgiving, then that's ok. We still like you, a little bit... But we urge you to check out our Dessert Recipe Page to find a whole long list of ideas to make your Thanksgiving perfect. Some of the recipes you'll find there that you may want to consider are the Hello Kitty Green Tea Cupcakes, and the Yuzu Panna Cotta.

Thanksgiving Dessert

If you're looking for some unique dessert plates on which to serve your treats we recommend you check out our Bowls and Plates Page. Here you'll find all kinds of dinnerware and dessertware to serve your family and friends all the tasty treats you can make.
Thanks for checking in with us and come back next week to get recipes for our appetizers and alcoholic beverages. We don't want to give anything away, but it may involve a Ramune-tini.

So far this blog has gone over the main course, the side dishes, and the ever important dessert. That seems pretty thorough, but doesn't it feel like it might be missing something? Of course it does! This week we're going over appetizers and alcoholic beverages. You can serve these before your Thanksgiving meal, or during the football games, and either way they're sure to intrigue and delight.

Ginger Appetizers

california rollsAppetizers should be simple. They should taste great, and they should be used more as a snack for socializing than anything really filling. After all, you don't want to fill up before the turkey arrives, but it is nice to have something to snack on while visiting with guests.

We have two recommendations for appetizers this Thanksgiving - the instant, and the easy. For an easy appetizer we recommend the California Roll, which is fairly simple to make, and quick to eat. It's not heavy enough to fill anyone's stomach, and can be put in a variety of dipping sauces. If you're feeling creative, you can even put out the ingredients and have your guests come together to make their own rolls. And since it's a Ginger Thanksgiving, we definitely recommend Soy Sauce with a little Pickled Ginger on the side.

honey rice crackerFor the instant appetizer, we recommend a variety of crackers. These can be put into Bowls and set out so that arriving guests can snack until everyone is there. Some crackers that we recommend are the Honey Rice Crackers (my personal favorite) as well as Spicy Wasabi Peas, Thai Rice Crackers, White Sugar Karintos, and Seaweed Rice Crackers. All of these treats are delicious and very light, so none of them will be particularly filling. And since these are really unique treats, especially in the USA, your guests are sure to be interested.

Next we'll go over something that may not have a place at every Thanksgiving table, but we think it's a fun and distinctive way to try something new, and if you're over 21 we encourage you to check them out. Of course, we're talking about our recipes for tasty, alcoholic drinks.

Green My TiniFirst up we have an AFG original, Ginger Vitis; because after all, this is a Ginger Thanksgiving. And don't let the name fool you, it's delicious!

We also encourage you to try our other AFG original creations, Green My Tini, which is styled after a martini, but with green tea as a main ingredient. Yellow Snow is a unique take on the margarita, except instead of dipping the glass rim in granulated sugar, you'll be dipping it in crushed Sugar Candy. And lastly our Thanksgiving Sweet and Spice, which is a sweet whiskey with pepper! These are just a few of the drinks we've prepared and you'll find more in our Appetizers section. Enjoy them, and please drink responsibly.

And lastly, Asian Food Grocer would like to wish you, as well as your family and friends, a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope that our recipes make your holidays a little more unique, and a lot more fun. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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